About Nadine...

N.M. McGregor has been writing professionally for two years, but she has been participating in poetry anthologies since 2005. Her jump to writing non-fiction started with a book idea in 2004. Repetitive outlines and character writings created her world of Montana. A precocious teen whose life is anything but easy and rosy. But unlike the traditional teen stories, this one is a clash of Riverdale meets The Outsiders.


Using beautiful Vancouver B.C. as the back drop to this rock in roll fiction fantasy of life in the 80’s in the big city, N.M. weaves a tale of love and deceit, and the growth and having one another’s backs. She brilliantly captures life in the 80’s with her vivid characters and use of local knowledge.


After many bouts of pneumonia growing up, at 31 years old N.M. was told that any more illness and her lungs would collapse. She branched out into the realm of yoga to stabilize and increase her breath capacity. Twenty years later she is a yoga master and incorporates many of her experiences in Petals of Awakening, her newest psychological novel.


Growing online yoga classes and writing her next novel, while actively participating in family life keeps her very busy. With four adult children, an 8-year-old, and her passion for walking in the forest and the beach, N.M. keeps very busy in a lifestyle that works for her.

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